AMG’s Department of Protection and Restoration was created in order to defend the rights of children and adolescents, protecting them against all types of abuse and mistreatment. The majority of children and young people associated with AMG live in “ high risk zones”, exposed to traumatic situations which make them physically, spiritually and emotionally vulnerable.

Our intensive approach to attacking abuse includes four key principles:

  • Prevention: education of all staff, children, adolescents and families on issues of rights and obligations, family behavior and sexuality.
  • Detection: AMG has fostered an environment of awareness of abuse and methodologies for the detection of it in the lives of children in our care. Campaigns in and out of our local communities seek to create a population aware of their rights and how to speak out when they are being violated.
  • Intervention: AMG takes action after abuse has been detected. (Home visits, counseling, psychosocial-legal accompaniment, reporting of cases, referral of cases to other institutions)
  • Restoration: Process of recovery and integral healing of the person, which includes a Christ-centered, psychological and social approach.
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